Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Palo Alto
Serving the Children of the World

Our club is proud to sponsor and be involved with many community service and fundraising activities. Below you will find a listing of the upcoming events.

Date Type Title
04/26/2018 Meeting

Note: We re at the Westin Hotel!

Regular Club Luncheons - Camp Everytown - Students from program telling of their experiences in the program.

04/28/2018 Event

This year our Rebuilding Together project will be at a K-8 school in East Palo Alto.  We will be doing a variety of enhancement projects including repairing and painting picnic tables, painting a...

04/29/2018 Event

Save the date!

Niles Canyon Train Ride presented by the Kiwanis Clubs of Palo Alto and Los Altos on Sunday, March 29, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.   Enjoy a 1½ hour...

05/03/2018 Committee

The goal of the Community Service Committee is too deliver meaningful community service with children as our priority.

05/03/2018 Meeting

Our regular club meeting on May 3rd will be an Open House with the purpose of gaining new members from our invited prospects.  Santa Clafra County Supervisor Joe Simitian  will be the Special...

05/05/2018 Event

Set up and run a fair for children at the finish of the May Fete Parade at Heritage Park next to the American Heritage Museum and Vintage Cars Show.  We will set up, run, and breakdown the fair. We...

05/07/2018 Event

We will be power washing and re-staining segments of the boardwalk that runs through the Magical Bridge playground.

05/09/2018 Event

We will be power washing and re-staining segments of the boardwalk that runs through the Magical Bridge playground.

05/10/2018 Meeting

Regular Club Luncheons - Andy  Anderson Awards Program where the most improved Sophomore male and female students from Palo Alto H.S; Gunn H.S; and Mid- Peninsula H.S> are honored for their accomplishments! 

05/10/2018 Committee

Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto Board Meeting and Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting

05/15/2018 Event

Working with the Friends of Palo Alto Parks, we will continue our gardening efforts at Rinconada Park.

05/16/2018 Event

District Council Meeting for Division 34 of Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis. President & Secretary required to attend. Conducts common business of the 14 regional Kiwanis Clubs.

05/17/2018 Meeting

Regular Club Luncheon -  Mike Anderson / YMCA  --    The Reach & Rise Program

05/18/2018 Event

Each May, about 900 severely challenged kids from public and private schools across Santa Clara County are invited to participate in a one day event of physical endeavor and success. 

Special Games...

05/18/2018 Event

We invite you to The Offical Cal-Nev-Ha District Governor’s Visit to Divisions 12 & 34
Dinner on Friday, May 18, 2018

5:30 pm – President’s Meeting with Governor Pete...

05/24/2018 Meeting

Regular Club Luncheon -  The Great Thomsenini - Carl Thomsen of Palo Alto returns by popula  demand for his third visit to the club.  A practiced  illusionist boggles...

05/31/2018 Meeting

Regular Club Luncheons   Program on Abilities United Art Program

06/02/2018 Event

Distribute election materials to precinct officials.

06/05/2018 Event

Pick up voted ballots at precincts and deliver to the Registrar of Voters Office in San Jose.